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We were born with the dream of doing accounting through a differentiated concept, so it is not by chance that our mission is to conduct Life Projects.

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we are the Família Azul!

Our head office is strategically located in an area of 3,500 m², close to the Afonso Pena International Airport – metropolitan region of Curitiba in the state of Paraná.

We have a commercial management unit in Londrina, in the state of Paraná, one of the busiest cities in the southern region of the country.

Enhanced results, life projects conducted and assertive information for decision-making, are our three pillars of work.

We understand that the customer is satisfied when their financial, social and managerial needs are fully met.

With this expertise, we have a high level of satisfaction, which allows us to serve the entire Brazilian territory, due to the indication of our own customers.

Conduct Life Projects!

Check out some solutions we have for your business

Customized and effective accounting for each project

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We are responsible for preparing the P/L report of your business operation and related obligations, as well as preparing the Financial Statements and the respective indicators of liquidity, indebtedness, operating leverage, among others.

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tax planning, tax diagnoses, inspection services, liability management, control of CNDs and tax compliance.

The determination of Direct and Indirect Taxes, as well as the delivery of the respective ancillary obligations, requires the monitoring of current legislation, where we support our client, in the most varied processes.

We are committed to deadlines and agility in providing guides and taxes for your greater comfort.

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We always base our tax planning recommendations considering the characteristics of your core business.

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that can distort labor and social security relations.

We are responsible for carrying out all payroll routines (hiring, vacation, leave, lay off, salary, among others), calculating charges and taxes on payroll and delivering related ancillary obligations.

We focus on delivering tasks in a timely manner, by following a rigorous process management system, which avoids delays sending obligations and documents, so you have time to process them within the deadlines.

Our process, designed in accordance with the legal chronology, allows us to be a reference in this segment.

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obligations at all levels, whether at municipal, state and/or federal levels.

We have two types of contracts: one FULL – where we put all our services at your disposal; and another PART TIME, where we schedule only the minimum necessary services to cover your needs.

We partner with an information technology company, with ISO 27001 certification, where good management practices provide the performance of their solutions in any environment, with any processes and transactional systems.

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aiming to free up your time and energy for your business's key activities.

We act strategically and carry out accounts payable, accounts receivable, collection processes, bank reconciliation, cash flow and DRE services.

We provide many advantages and optimizations to your processes, such as: data security, strategic financial analysis, greater competitiveness, greater added value to the business and the reduction of operational problems.

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In addition, we support our customers in obtaining all the necessary licenses for the operation of their companies.

We also aim to provide Succession Planning and Asset Protection services, aiming to ensure the continuity of our clients' businesses.

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with effective delivery of the accessory obligations and administration of tax liabilities, aiming at the mitigation of risks and guaranteeing Tax's Fiscal and Accounting Compliances.

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Through a thorough analysis of the data contained in the accessory obligations, we conduct surveys of recoverable values ​​for later compensation or reimbursement.


Always one step ahead


Convinced in our actions, we are available to help with your Life Projects.


Our technical and market expertise results in specific solutions for your business.


We value agility in service, but prioritize the quality of services.


We generate solutions through a modern and constantly improved infrastructure.

our numbers

Expressive values in these years of Time Control

+2 thousand

Companies served

+120 thousand

Employees managed monthly

+380 thousand

Documents processed monthly

+250 millions

Managed customer billing

+3 billion

Reduced taxes through tax planning



Estamos preocupados com o seu tempo, e por isso, desenvolvemos o CLIENT, um exclusivo sistema de relacionamento, com acesso a Declarações Contábeis, Faturamentos, Controles e disponibilidade de obrigações (impostos e tributos), Rotinas de Departamento Pessoal, inclusive Simulações de Admissões e Demissões, CND´s, documentações e muitas outras.

Secure access and correct information, in real time, 24 hours a day and 100% online.

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what do they say about us

“Time Control has been flexible and open to discuss, make changes and customize services for Wipro!” Ananthu Suhas – Payroll Manager


“Time Control has been the ideal partner, whether in the tax planning of our activities, or in the processing of the payroll and benefits of our employees.”​ Ricardo Dallalana – Administrative Director

PEOPLENECT | Contabilidade

“The Time Control group has been an excellent partner for TCS! The BPO Tributario services provided by them have an excellent technical level, operating in a collaborative way, always with quick responses and solutions to our challenges, surprising those involved in the project.”​ Maximiliano Carneiro – TCS BPS Delivery Head


“The time control group has been an excellent partnership for SETCEPAR, bringing information, innovations and excellence in technical service, always committed to solving the adversities that may occur. The partnership is maintained because of the reliability of our business results.” Camila Rangel – Executive Manager of Setcepar

SETCEPAR | Contabilidade